What is Life-Coaching and what can Life-Coaching do for you?


Life-coaching is about helping you find your way forwards though the maze that is life by bringing you to the answers that you already hold within you, the ones that seem to be hidden from sight and just seem out of reach or may even be clouded by problems that you may or may not have in your life right now. You don't need to have a problem to see a life-coach, you may just wish to better yourself in some way like change your job or get better at a sport or a hobby and whatever that maybe we can assist you to become better at what you want to do in your life as we are guides here to help you find your way through the maze of life, we do not tell you what to do ( nobody likes that do they? ) we can help you to come to the conclusions that are just perfect for you, the one that will work best for you because nobody knows what they want better than you do! which is true is it not? ( now I hear you say if I have the answers within then why would I come to see you?, I could figure it out myself surely ? ) and I would say if that was true then for what reason would you come to be reading this right now? As sometimes in life, you're so close to the situation that you just can't see the solution.

The reason that we can help you with this is...

I can listen to you like maybe no one ever has in your life and then assist you make sense of the goals you want to achieve or issue you may face and then assist you to find the solution, not just a quick fix, ones that will work out perfect for you the ones that are in your best interest and fit with your values and beliefs, allowing you to see the bigger picture of what you feel you really want in your life and to see towards your true life purposes and the brighter future that you truly deserve.

Now ask yourself this question...

How much better would your life feel to you?

When the maze hedges are trimmed down and you can see more clearly and you're no longer on a dirt track with dead ends and rough terrain therefore then your life begins to feel more fluid, back on track and running on a smooth road with choices of destination, choices you can make with a clear mind easily negotiating the maze of life with passion and drive achieving more than you ever dreamed possible.




I thought I would write my latest blog about anxiety as it's something that I've had a lot of experience with, from suffering from it myself in the past, to helping people to understand it, learn to have control over it and remove the negativity of anxiety from their life's

Anxiety causes people to feel unnecessary unease which can and does make some peoples lives a living hell and there can be many contributory factors that can be in and of themselves the cause of anxiety problems and these can range from low self esteem and low opinion of your status of how you fit into this world and how you may think other people think of you or about you which can move on to panic attacks, depression and even withdrawal from society.

Also poor diet can cause anxiety in some people as food can also play a part in anxiety, the food we eat and drink (diet) and general fitness of our body's.

Even healthy people who don't have low self esteem can suffer from anxiety as it is a fight or flight response and that is there for a reason.

So let's look at some of the causes/effects on the body and mind:-

Anxiety can affect people in many ways

indiscriminately of their age, sex or background,

sometimes from fear sometimes from low self esteem among many other things

When we feel nervous about seeing and meeting someone or going into a situation whether that be for a date or a job interview we can feel anxiety and this can also lead to many more issues

like depression, illness, shyness and even more low self esteem and feelings of worthlessness

As I mentioned earlier, also diet can play a big part in anxiety, anytime we eat foods high in sugar or refined carbohydrates our bodies produce adrenaline in an attempt to regulate our blood sugar levels. This is because these foods lower our blood sugar levels and the body produces adrenaline to compensate for the fluctuation. Adrenaline, which is the primary factor in the fight-or-flight response, is what causes you to become anxious and nervous. This is why people who eat a diet high in sugars and refined carbohydrates often seem nervous and highly strung. This is a psychological disorder that can be manifested from a poor diet.

So what can be done to assist people to change this .....first of all eat a healthy diet and from my own perspective I believe that people have all the answers within themselves to get over anxiety, and with some hypnosis NLP and life coaching.

They will have control over their life in four sessions or less and maybe gain so much more in the process.

I would like to ask you this question what would be the reason (other than not realising there are ways to get over anxiety) would you spend years suffering from this when you don't have to? as I know from my own experience I spent many years living with anxiety and watching my life pass me