Have you ever compared yourself to someone else? And thought they are better than me, they are happier than me, they look better than me, they know more than me, they have more money than me?

Now just stop for a minute and ask yourself this question, how could you possibly compare yourself to anyone, you are unique, you are a one of a kind and if you allow yourself to be the true you, you would see that you are the perfect you, it's there inside, possibility after possibility of being the best you that you can be, forget about what has been, it's about right now, this very moment and what you do with it, there are 86400 seconds in a day and they are worth more than money because no matter what you do, you can't get them back and if you live to be 75 year old there are only 2,366,820,000 from the moment you were born to 75 years old.

Now that looks to be a large number, however what would happen if you take into account, what age you are now, then how long you sleep for each night, the time you spend eating, using the toilet, even working depending on whether you dislike or like your job, traveling etc, etc that number is going to be a lot smaller, now think about how much time you lost comparing yourself to others, never mind the stress and heartache you have felt in the process, you are not in a competition with anyone other than yourself because you can't compare anyone to you because there is only one you and you are amazing, every part of you!

Stop looking outside of yourself for the answers and ask within yourself what do I really want? and be truthful with yourself, this is not about what others want for you, not your friends or family, not your spouse or partner, it's about what you want and only what you want because when you find that, then your life will begin to feel fulfilled, whole and complete and that can only be a great thing for you and those people you choose to have around you.